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Nikki Ward
Nikki Ward
Freelance Artist & Illustrator
Austin, United States


Nikki is a professional illustrator with a solid understanding of brand integrity and of what makes characters appealing and recognizable. She creates whimsical, joy-infused pieces of artwork for prints and merchandise that delight fans and customers alike.

She is interested in illustration and design opportunities for prints, merchandise, packaging and other printed material, as well as gallery and artist-in-residency opportunities.


- Illustration. Creating whimsical, joy-infused pieces of artwork that clients and customers want to display in their homes and offices.

- Character concept art. Able to communicate ideas such as a character's personality and demeanor through multiple passes of rough sketches, stylization and color.

- Intellectual property recognition. Solid understanding of what makes licensed characters appealing and recognizable to specific demographics.

- Merchandise and product formatting. Working knowledge of how to accurately format artwork for physical products such as prints, banners, t-shirts, and enamel pins. Full comprehension of color profiles, resolution requirements, and manufacturing interfacing.

On a personal note, she enjoys sushi, animation and sparkly things.


IllustrationCharacter DesignSequential ArtTraditional Art

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